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Maize is the most important crop in the world after wheat and rice. It has continued to be the leading crop in terms of production and area of land on which it has been produced during the last decade. It is as much a significant crop in the American countries like rice and wheat in Asia. Maize has a wide variety of usage too. It is used as a feed and in the production of alcoholic beverages and of food sweeteners, starch, oil and proteins. Recently, it has been discovered that maize or corn can also be used in the production of fuel.

Production Centers : Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar, Punjab, Utter- Pradesh
Millet Bajra
Millet is a general term of grasses yielding small seeded edible grains, grown predominantly in the dry areas of the far east, and in Africa. They are lower protein but richer in fat than wheat, thus they are comparable with rich in nutritional status. Millets may be fermented to make alcoholic beverages. Millets may be boiled and consumed whole. In south eastern Europe the grains are ground into meal which is used for making a fat, heavy bread and porridge. In the west it is used principally as animal feed, in particular for poultry and other birds.
The sorghum grain is an important cereal grain that is said to be the staple food of the poor in many countries. The grain is similar to that of maize but having more fats and proteins. This proves beneficial for the livestock and hence is the reason of the popularity of the crop as a feed.

Sorghum is the fifth most important cereal crop in the world after wheat, rice, maize and barley. It is found in the arid and semi arid parts of the world, due to its feature of being extremely drought tolerant. The nutritional value of sorghum is same as of that of corn and that is why it is gaining importance as livestock feed. Sorghum is also used for ethanol production, producing grain alcohol, starch production, production of adhesives and paper other than being used as food and feed.

Production Centers: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar-Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab